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pulp fiction (1994)

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Jul. 25th, 2004 | 09:03 pm
posted by: thejayydogg in filmsnobs

pulp fiction (1994)
quentin tarantino, director
roger avery and quentin tarantino, writers

overall: 9
cinematography: 9
dialogue: 8
soundtrack: 8

really, there is nothing like this movie. in fact, the only valid argument regarding it would be a debate over whether or not reservoir dogs was a better tarantino film. but this thing is just brilliant. it changed the face of movies for the last ten years ... and maybe forever.

it is the intermingling stories of a couple of thieves, a couple of hitmen, a boxer, and a crimeboss and his wife. each story is told on its own, and each leads to a better understanding of the others. on top of that, the cinematography is seemless. each composition is a masterpiece on the screen, yet never does it get in the way of the progression of the film.

the dialogue is classic, and is probably the weakest part of the film. ie, there are no weak parts of the film. the soundtrack is second only to the aforementioned reservoir dogs.

the only reason you may not want to see this movie is the violence. and if that's the case, then fuck off.

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