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kill bill, vol. i (2003)

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Sep. 7th, 2004 | 10:45 pm
posted by: thejayydogg in filmsnobs

kill bill, vol. i (2003)
quentin tarantino, director
quentin tarantino and uma thurman, writers

overall: 8
cinematography: 9
dialogue: 7
soundtrack: 10

i am not the fan of action films that other people are. and even more so, i am not a fan of kung fu films. in fact, i have never thought one was great outside of crouching tiger, hidden dragon. but i really did like this movie. and the soundtrack kicked ass. the rza does the producing, and he put together a classic soundtrack.

i find the story of the bride to be dry. and find the action unconvincing, but i find the movie to be great-ish. i would not say that it is better than most of his films. but it might be third of the four. but you can figure out what you want from that.

needless to say, everyone should see this film. it might be one of the greatest genre-inspired films off all time. and even the anime (which i normally hate) was awesome.

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