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citizen kane (1941)

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Jul. 25th, 2004 | 06:40 pm
posted by: thejayydogg in filmsnobs

citizen kane (1941)
orson welles, director
herman mankiewicz and orson welles, writers

overall: 8
cinematography: 8
dialogue: 5
score: 6

i guess this is a no brainer. i mean, this is one of the classic films of all time, and anyone that has not seen it should go out and get it right now ... if you are interested in classic filmmaking.

it is the story of charles kane, based on william randolph hearst -- though not a biopic. he is a dead newspaper tycoon whose life an investigator tries to reconstruct for the secret of his investigation, the tycoon's last words (though it's only one word): rosebud. i guess i will spare you the details, in case you haven't seen it.

the truth is that the film is dated. the writing fails to stand the test of time. but the cinematography is a lesson in the art of film. and it does more than carry the joint. it's the cinematography that tells the story. you literally watch kane grow to a giant over 8 feet tall, via camera angles. you understand how this man can crush you. and, among other things, you get to see just how lonely this man's life was.

as well as the composition, the acting is brilliant, and helps to keep you in your seat when you find yourself confronted with the inevitable question, who cares? and no one does. it is a different message from a different time. but you don't get bored as easy as you might think.

the music is so-so. done well, it is little more than the typical holywood score with some highlights.

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