it had great cinematography

so it must have been worth something

black maria
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this is a community designed for the purpose of sharing great films -- which tend to rest on the artsy side of the theatre -- with other people that are interested in great films ... film snobs. the name "black maria" is taken from the studio that produced the first moving pictures.

it is suggested that a film review should include the following data:

realease date

as well as the following ratings:

overall rating
cinematography rating
dialogue rating
soundtrack rating

these are just suggestions, and reviews should feel they can be as free as the medium itself.

though here are some working definitions for the ratings:

overall: if you were a layman, how good would you say the film was. that is, how did the movie impact you without putting too much thought into it.

cinematography: how much did the images impact the film, and how strong were the images.

dialogue: how much did the language impact the film, and how strong was the language.

soundtrack: uh ... the music. duh. was it good and did it do the job?